Meet the Team

The success of our market depends on our great vendors who are committed to sharing their quality wares, and to our local and friendly patrons. We look forward to welcoming all each Sunday!


Emily Theodossakos

Market Manager

Emily is the lovely Market Manager who keeps things running smoothly and never forgets her smile. She is your go-to girl for all the market comings and goings. Say hello when you see her!


Peter Robinson

Market Director

After a decade as director of the West Palm Beach GreenMarket, Peter left to launch the first farmers market in Lake Worth in 2006, a market he created from the ground up. Combining his conceptual-design background with his understanding of the benefits of locally grown produce (Peter just might be the original locavore), he grew a tiny market of 20 vendors into the thriving and exciting market it is today, nearly tripling the number of vendors and breathing new life into Old Bridge Park. Peter has a special talent for finding and cultivating vendors and creating markets with the right mix of offerings. He has helped incubate dozens of businesses that started as a booth in his market and is as loyal to and supportive of his vendors as they are to him. Which is why his market management continues to be sought by communities across the state. Now entering its 11th season, the Lake Worth Farmers Market is the perfect testament to Peter’s inimitable market style.



Assistant Market Manager

This handsome hound with the doe-like eyes and needy disposition wishes to establish that he was hired under false pretense. Ever since he moved into The Robinson Mansion (from his former 4-door residence), Beetski has worked very hard at not working. Even when he shows up to the market, usually late, he camps out in the air-conditioned Shasta Trailer/Manager’s Office until close of business. (Is it any wonder that vendor relations are suffering?) And lately, Beetski has been spreading the rumor that he’s looking to retire. This must be why it’s called a dog’s life!