IMPORTANT: EACH ITEM (1 to 9) must be read, acknowledging your agreement to comply with each item described.


  1. Vendor/Sponsor EQUIPMENT

􀂉 It is your responsibility to supply tables, scales, display materials, brooms, electrical cords, etc.

  1. Vendor/Sponsor BOOTH SPACE

􀂉 Market management will work with vendors on site location; however, Market management reserves the right to assign location by size of booth space rented.

􀂉 No subletting or sharing of stall space is permitted.

􀂉 Products and set-up must not be placed beyond booth space boundaries.

􀂉 Promoting your products must be within the boundaries of your    

     booth space only.

  1. REVOCABLE LICENSE FEES (based on 10 feet of frontage)

Daily: $50./$60./$70./$150. , Monthly: $185./$200./$250.

Determined by product(s) sold/promoted

Sponsor package of ten (10) markets: $1,250. In advance.


􀂉 No moving vehicles (cars, vans, trucks) are allowed on the site during Market operating hours. Street barriers must never be moved. Danger to patrons, sponsors and vendors will prohibit future participation.



􀂉 Set-up begins one and one half hours (1½) before opening at 9 am and every vendor/sponsor MUST be completely set up fifteen (15) minutes before market opens. Bbooth fully operational and display complete .


􀂉 Breakdown starts at market closing only. Sponsor must remain in booth at all times. Breakdown before closing time of market will result in expulsion from the Market and prohibition of future participation.

􀂉 Clean-up: Every item you bring must be removed. Please stay at your booth until you or your employees have completed this. No debris, boxes, etc. may be left in your space.


Failure to comply will result in a fine, and/or expulsion. If Market employees must clean or dispose of your garbage, you will be charged a fee of $40/hour. Sidewalk and pavement must not be damaged or soiled. Any additional cleaning charges will be first deducted from your paid fees to date and any remaining expense charged back to sponsor.



􀂉 Market management has the responsibility to control the “Visual Impact” and overall presentation of Market site.

􀂉 If it is determined by Market management that a sponsor’s display is detracting from our overall site presentation, a change or improvement will be required.



􀂉 Market management will not cancel in advance. The decision will be made on site, on  Market day. Safety is the Market’s utmost concern.

􀂉 Market cell phone (561-283-5856) will be active three hours before market scheduled opening time.

􀂉 Vendors/Sponsors must cancel via phone by noon three days before the scheduled market. Call the office: 561-547-3100. If a sponsor is a “no show” and did not call in advance to cancel, said sponsor will be billed for the day. Sponsors are required to notify the office by phone, should you need to cancel.

􀂉 Failure to provide cancellation notice for two markets will result in loss of space, loss of fees paid and possible termination of future participation.




􀂉 Sponsor booths are always subject to change and movement at the Market management’s discretion.

􀂉 No games of chance allowed.

􀂉 No sales, use or possession of alcoholic beverages is permitted.

􀂉 Rules are subject to change without advance notice.

􀂉 All vendor/sponsor flyers/promotional materials need approval prior to distribution at the Market. Sponsors may distribute only from their booth space the pre-approved materials that represent their business.

􀂉 All sampling and business transactions must take place within your booth space—not into the market or street.


  1. Insurance and Liability

Vendor/sponsor is responsible for their booth space and the activity within. The products served/sold are the vendor/sponsors liability. Every vendor must sign the attached waiver to the application, releasing City of Lake Worth, Mildly Delirious Design, Jupiter Farmers Market, El Sol Resource Center and Lake Worth Farmers market of any responsibility and liability for actions and issues within your booth.



  1. The Market manager is responsible for enforcing all above stated rules. Violations and recommendations are at the discretion and enforcement of Market Management on site. Continued violation will result in expulsion from the Market with no reimbursement of fees paid and no future participation. All fees are non refundable.


  1. Complaints regarding product legitimacy, operational detail or conduct of another vendor or sponsor must be submitted in writing to Market Management for resolution.

I understand the enforcement of above stated rules.